K40 Platinum 360 Radar & Laser System

K40 radar and laser systems are designed with you and your vehicle in mind. Giving you the ultimate in custom installed speeding ticket protection and putting you in control of where and when you hear police radar and laser alerts. With K40, you’re ready to drive without limits as soon as the products are installed. We have three great radar and laser detection packages available.

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GT Package ($2,999.85 before installation*):

The GT Package is the most installed K40 system among guests because of its complete coverage. The system utilizes front and rear radar receivers that deliver directional awareness of the police radar while three Laser Defuser Oplix transponders provide excellent protection against the police lasers. You will have ultimate confidence in driving knowing you’re protected.

K40-360 with Three Laser Defuser Optix:

  • K40-360
  • LDO LTSx 1 (one additional Optix transponder)

Radar: Front and rear receivers for 360° protection from police radar.
Laser: Three laser Defuser Optix transponders for front protection from police laser.

GT Package K40 360 COMPONENTS

GT Package POR 911

GT Package 360i DASH ARROWS MM

Stealth Package ($2,099.90 before installation*):

The Stealth Package is designed for guests who want the stealth and sophistication of a custom-installed system. This system includes a single front mounted radar receiver and two Laser Defuser Optix transponders. The combination provides great protection from police radar and laser at an attractive price point.

K40-200 with Two Laser Defuser Optix:

  • K40-200

Radar: Front mounted radar receiver for protection from police radar.**
Laser: Two Laser Defuser Optix transponders for front protection from police laser.

Stealth Package 200i DASH ARROWS MM

Stealth Package K40 200 COMPONENTS

**K40 modular design enables rear radar receiver and alert LED to be added in future.

Portable Detector Package ($1413.85 before installation*):

This package was designed for the guest who wants multi-vehicle radar protection plus laser protection on their primary vehicle. The K40-100 portable radar detector offers many of the same high-performance features of our custom-installed radar systems, yet it can be used in other vehicles. Unlike other portable systems that only detect lasers, this package includes two Laser Defuser Optix transponders for an effective countermeasure against police lasers.

K40-100 Portable Radar Detector with Two Laser Defuser Optix:

  • K40-100
  • PK100-D

Radar: GPS-powered windshield mount for protection from police radar. Unit is easily removed and can be used in multiple vehicles.
Laser: Two Laser Defuser Optix transponders for front protection from police laser.

Portable Detector K40 remote jammer laser

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