Rear Seat Entertainment

For frequent car rides around town or long road trips with lots of kids in the car, check out the rear seat entertainment options from Willis Auto Accessories in Des Moines. Our Accessories Team can help you pick out the right model for your family and get it installed in no time.

Entertainment on the go from Willis Auto Accessories

Whether you take long road trips or have multiple kids in the car who get bored easily or fight over portable DVD players or tablets, this rear seat entertainment option is for you. The Factory Matched Dual DVD Headrest entertainment system allows everyone in the back of your vehicle to get their own screen. Willis Auto Accessories in Des Moines stocks rear seat entertainment systems and can install them for you so you can keep everyone entertained.

Built to OE manufacturing standards, this rear seat headrest entertainment system comes with two Factory Match replacement headrests, adjustable widescreen TFT-LCD monitors, and dual channel wireless headphones so you aren’t disturbed when driving. It also comes with:

• Factory Match warranty
• Standard headphone jack
• On screen display menu functions
• Full function remote control
• Integrated wireless FM transmitter
• Backlit control buttons for basic functions

Customize Your on-the-go Entertainment with our Rear Seat Entertainment Packages

Rear seat entertainment packages from Willis Auto Accessories allow you to customize your vehicle and your entertainment systems to fit your lifestyle. Models are available in a variety of options and styles. Types of Rear Seat Entertainment systems available include overhead DVD screens, dual headrest DVD players and tablet integrated systems.

Overhead Car DVD Players

Available in multiple colors to offer the closest color match possible to your vehicle’s overhead head liner, overhead DVD players from Willis Auto Accessories make your life easier and keep kids entertained while you’re on the go. Different sizes of screens are also available to personalize your vehicle needs. Overhead DVD players come with a four year/50,000 mile warranty.

Tablet Headrest Entertainment Systems

These systems are the next step forward in vehicle entertainment systems. We can incorporate Android tablets into factory match vehicle headrests allowing your passengers the ultimate options for personalization and customization. DVD players are incorporated into the headrests, so movies can be played as needed while also allowing access to the thousands of apps available from the Google Play store. Tablets are Wi-Fi enabled, so with the connection to a hotspot, they will have fun access to online resources even when you’re on the go. The tablet headrest system features a three year/36,000 mile warranty.


Overhead DVD System            4 year/50,000 mile warranty

Headrest DVD System             3 year/36,000 mile warranty

Tablet DVD System                  3 year/36,000 mile warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does installation take?

It varies on the type of vehicle, and whether it is an overhead or dual headrest. Normal installation time is around 4-5 hours.

Does the dual headrest system look factory?

The headrest system looks as close to the factory as it can. The leather or cloth will match your factory interior, but the size of the headrest could change depending on the size of the screen you choose.

Can I watch more than one movie on the dual headrest system?

Yes. You can watch two different movies or watch the same movie on both.

Do the Rear seat entertainment systems have the ability to plug in game consoles?

Both systems have auxiliary inputs to accept video feeds from game consoles.

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