Custom PVD Chrome Wheels

Factory PVD chrome wheels are the most popular and easiest way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Picking out custom wheels can already be an overwhelming decision, this is why our Willis accessory team is here to assist you. Factory PVD re-chromes are a more cost effective way to get those shiny chrome rims that last longer in all weather as well as low or non maintenance required on them. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a chrome-like powder-coat that offers the same shiny appearance as chrome, without the common downsides. It’s a popular choice for wheel manufacturers these days. Let our Willis accessory team will tell you why PVD is the stronger choice compared to traditional chrome when upgrading your rims.

PVD Chrome Wheels: Lighter Wheels, More Speed, Low Maintenance

Choosing new features for your car can be overwhelming. You know you want your car to look nice, but you aren’t sure how to decipher all your cosmetic options. PVD Chrome Wheels are just one of your accessories options from Willis Auto Accessories. PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a power-coat for wheels that gives the look and feel of chrome without the extra added weight. PVD Chrome Wheels are around 2-3 pounds lighter than their true chrome counterparts, which means less weight on your wheels and decreased rotating mass. This helps your car get up and go faster than before without sacrificing on aesthetics.

PVD Wheels have no usage restrictions like chrome wheels do either. They can be used year round in all types of weather. This makes them especially great for cars in Iowa and the Midwest where the weather is unpredictable all year. During snowy, winter or rainy conditions, salt is commonly used on the roads which eats away at plated chrome. It is recommended that chrome wheels are removed during the winter months because salt causes the chrome to crack and peel; PVD Chrome Wheels resist these conditions. PVD Chrome Wheels are also low maintenance, giving you a new, sleek look without the added effort and cost to your car. They only need basic care with soap and water that comes with a basic car wash.

PVD Chrome Wheels from Willis Auto Accessories in Des Moines have all the good looks of traditional chrome wheels, the benefits of powder-coating and are made from environmentally friendly materials. If you’re ready to lighten up your car with a new looks and new wheels, consider PVD Chrome Wheels from Willis Auto Accessories.

Easily repair and guarantee your PVD Wheels with Willis Auto Accessories

The amazing thing about PVD Chrome Wheels is the look and feel of chrome without the added hassle and cost. Another great reason to get PVD factory chrome rims is how easy it is to repair them; if for some reason your PVD Chrome Wheels are damaged, they can be repaired quickly without having to re-plate the entire wheel. Traditional chrome wheels have a manufacturer warranty of only 1-2 years while PVD Chrome Wheels are oftentimes under warranty for 3 or more years. This means you’re getting a better product, backed by manufacturer’s guarantees.

The benefits of PVD is the process; it’s just like powder coating but with the great, sleek look of chrome. Contact Willis Auto Accessories in Des Moines today for more information on their PVD Chrome Wheels selection and installation process.

Willis Auto Accessories PVD Wheels Factory Warranties

Our distributors include the following for custom PVD wheels:

• Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. • Wheel Pros

All wheels from these distributors come with a warranty of 4 years / 50,000 miles.

The team at Willis Auto Accessories is dedicated to getting you the best products at the best price. We will price match from other distributors, however, Willis may not include the 4 year/50,000 mile warranty with some price matching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tires included in the price of the wheels?

No, the price of the rims do not include the price of the tires as well but if a new size or just new tires in general are needed we can make a bundle price which includes both the wheels and tires.

If you happen to curb/ curb check your rims and damage them are they covered under warranty?

If you curb your rims and cause damage they will not be covered under the 4 year/ 50,000 mile warranty. The warranty covers the product if it is defective and does not meet up to the guarantee of the product individually.

Where should I get my rims and tires serviced?

We suggest having your vehicle serviced here to ensure the proper service on your rims and tires as well as ensuring the correct warranty information if ever needed for any reason.

Willis Automotive 41.6127823, -93.7537456.