XPEL Fusion Ceramic Paint Protection

Whether you’ve just purchased a new car or just want to protect the paint job on your vehicle, the team at Willis can apply XPEL FUSION PLUS to your exterior. This ceramic coating has been developed to work with paint protection film (PPF) and other painted surfaces. A single coating of XPEL FUSION PLUS will make your vehicle look glossy and provide hydrophobic protection and scratch resistance that will keep your vehicle’s exterior looking its best for as long as possible.After you have a ceramic coating applied to your car, getting your car cleaned in the future will be easier than ever; XPEL FUSION PLUS’s nonstick surface will prevent dirt and sap from adhering to the surface of your vehicle, so washing your car will be quicker and easier.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

– Works with PPF
– Provides hydrophobic protection
– Prevents sap and grime from sticking – Adds depth and shine to your surface – Makes it easier to clean your exterior

Our Promise to You: We will have the vehicle a minimum of 2 days, a maximum of 3 days depending on the amount of paint correction needed.

XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating comes with a 4-year warranty.


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Ceramic Paint Protection

XPEL Fusion Ceramic Paint Protection Package

  • 6-10 hours of Prep Time/Paint Correction (Compounding, Polishing, Wet Sanding if Necessary)
  • 4-8 hours of Ceramic Application (x2 if applying to paint protection film)
  • 4-6 hours of Cure Time (Vehicle stored inside during this time)

Estimated Time

We will have the vehicle a minimum of 2 days, a maximum of 3 days depending on the amount of pain correction needed.

If you are interested in the XPEL Fusion Ceramic Paint Protection, call Willis Auto Spa at 855-638-1207 to schedule your appointment today!

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