Cilajet Advanced Surface Protection

For advanced ceramic resin surface protection of your vehicle’s paint job, the Willis team can apply Cilajet Ceramic Resin. The unique formula utilizes the latest Nano-Ceramic technology to create a durable, ultra-hard layer of protection.

Benefits of Ceramic Resin

  • Lasts significantly longer than traditional ceramic coatings
  • Superior resistance to dirt and environmental contaminants
  • Reduces surface imperfections like webbing, fine scratches, oxidation, and fading
  • Reduces frequency of car washing and eliminates the need for waxing and polishing
  • Protects your vehicle from environmental wear and tear, preserving your re-sell value

Our Promise to You: We will have the vehicle a minimum of 2 days, a maximum of 3 days depending on the amount of paint correction needed.

Cilajet ceramic resin comes with a 5-year warranty.


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Cilajet Paint Protection

Cilajet Advanced Surface Protection Package

  • 6-10 hours of prep time/paint correction (compounding, polishing, wet sanding if necessary)
  • 4-8 hours of ceramic application (may double time requirements if applying to paint protection film)
  • 4-6 hours of cure time (vehicle stored inside during this time)

Estimated Time

We will have the vehicle a minimum of 2 days, maximum of 3 days depending on amount of paint correction needed.


All Vehicles $1,850

If you are interested in the Cilajet Advanced Surface Protection, call Willis Auto Spa at 855-638-1207 to schedule your appointment today!

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