My weekend with an INFINITI QX80

October 20th, 2022 by

As a content strategist for a car dealership that sells nine brands has allowed me to do a lot of fun things, but so far, the best is being asked to take home a different vehicle over the weekend, so I can get to know the products better and tell you my thoughts as a 44-year-old mother of 2 teenage daughters.

When Willis suggested the first vehicle I drive to be the QX80; I was equally ecstatic and nervous. A white QX80 has been my dream “mom car” since I became a mother, so the thought of getting to drive one for the weekend was exciting.
Then just as quickly as I got excited, I got nervous about driving such a “big” car. The QX80 is larger than any vehicle I have owned, which intimated me.

My first impression when I got into the vehicle was the quality of the interior. The leather and wood trim looked beautiful together, and I was impressed by the size and sound of the infotainment systems, and I loved the feel of the soft leather of the steering wheel.

Once I started driving the QX80, I only had to be out of the dealership for a few minutes before I felt extremely comfortable driving it. I realized despite being a large vehicle; many things make it feel small. Including features like the round view monitor, the smooth ride, the safety features, and the smart rearview mirror made me feel safe and comfortable driving.
My family and a bonus daughter enjoyed taking the QX80 all around, including the Zoo, brunch, an event downtown, and going to watch football with friends.

One of the reasons the size of this vehicle concerned me was parking, especially downtown. Parking in any vehicle is not my strong suit. And again, to my surprise, parking the QX80 was easier than parking my smaller SUV. The cameras were a lot of help, but the best part was that the QX80 has an amazing turn radius, making turning through parking lots, parallel parking, and backing in or out of small spaces a breeze.

The three teenage girls in the back seat were comfortable, had enough space, and enjoyed the vehicle’s luxury. I never once heard “stop touching me” or “tell her to move over.” I also appreciated the comfort and legroom of the second and third-row seats. While most of the time, I am the one driving, there are times when my daughter drives, or we are on a road trip with another family, and I sit in the back. I loved that when I tried it out, I didn’t feel cramped and thought it would be an extremely comfortable vehicle for longer trips.

While we enjoyed a warmer weekend, Monday morning started extremely cold, and the QX80 had been sitting outside. Much to our delight, the heated seating and steering wheel warmed us up quickly, and shortly after, the car was toasty on the inside.

The INFINITI QX80 lived up to every aspect of being my dream car, and for all the moms (and dads) out there with kids, car seats, dance bags, baseball equipment, and more who is looking for luxury while being a taxi driver – the QX80 is for you.