Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair Services in Des Moines


Bent rims and punctured tires are a serious problem for drivers. Fortunately, the Willis Collision Center in Des Moines has professionally trained auto repair technicians who will expertly fix your wheels, removing any traces of damage.

Most wheel damage is superficial, which makes our wheel repair process quick and easy so you can get back on the road fast. If repairs would be too extensive for you to fix severe damage, we are happy to assist you with wheel replacement. The Willis Collision Center team will make recommendations based on your needs and will make sure you leave our auto shop with a vehicle that is safe to drive. After your vehicle’s wheels are repaired, stop by our Willis Accessories Center to check out new wheel upgrade options like PVD Chrome Wheels.

Wheel Repair Starts at $220

Contact our Collision Department at 855-638-1182 or email [email protected]

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