Willis Weekend – Cadillac XT5

August 16th, 2019 by


This past weekend I got the opportunity to drive around the 2019 Cadillac XT5… one word for this vehicle… CLASSY! I was in love with so many features & the overall quality. If you are in the need for a safe mid-sized SUV… this car is for YOU! This vehicle has plenty of room to haul groceries, or take the kiddos too and from activities. I love a good clean black interior, but this car completely changed my outlook. The seats were a refreshing light tan, while the dashboard included black leather & brown wood detailing. It felt so roomy & open, especially when I had the beautiful moon roof exposed. The screen was simple enough to navigate, but still held a level of complexity to stand out from other models. Safety features are at the top of my check list, and this car had it ALL!  Life has way too many distractions these days, so advanced safety features are a must. This vehicle had lane assist, blind spot monitoring, close vehicle sensing, and automatic brights. Yes… you heard me right… automatic brights. What does this mean? So, when you’re driving on a back road in the dark, this vehicle detects if you need your brights on. THEN it will automatically turn the brights off if another car is approaching you. That’s right people, you no longer have to shuffle back and forth (frantically) while driving on dark (scary) roads (potentially filled with deer) YAY! With this vehicle you are able to focus on driving your best, and keeping yourself + any passengers as safe as possible. Gas milage was great – averaging 26 mpg, and having 4WD is very important living in Iowa. Not only is this car safe and reliable, it also lives up to its luxury standards with premium technology & classy looks. Now put that smart device down & head over to Willis Cadillac to give this vehicle a test drive!


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