Willis Weekend – INFINITI QX80

September 13th, 2019 by

Hey all!

It’s been awhile since the last blog post, and I’m super pumped to tell you all about the INFINITI QX80! So… If I’m being honest, I was terrified to drive this car… it’s HUGE. But now I can honestly say, I am obsessed!!! I loved how high up I was sitting – I felt like I could see the whole road! Also – the amount of room I had to store things was unreal. I packed that car full of boxes & still had plenty of room for backseat passengers.


For a “mom car,” this vehicle had some POWER! I was extremely impressed with the acceleration & the ride quality. This vehicle is perfect for a family & has a ton of safety features. Also, the interior was clean & easy to navigate, which is important when having children in the back seat. I would highly recommend this car & I already miss driving it around town! Enjoy these photos & make sure to stop by for a test drive this weekend 🙂


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