Willis Weekend: Land Rover Discovery Sport

July 26th, 2019 by


Alright guys… this is my first blog about a Willis Weekend!! So, let me explain what that even means. My name is Megan Schaefer & I am the digital marketing specialist for Willis Automotive. I get to do a ton of really cool things with my job, but I think my all time favorite would be Willis Weekends. Most weekends I get to take home a vehicle we are trying to promote, and get to influence all of our followers via Instagram. Pretty cool right?! My goal is to teach you what each car has to offer, and share my favorite features. All we want is to build awareness of the amazing vehicles we have on our campus! Now that you understand better, let’s dive in!

This past weekend I got to take home the Land Rover Discovery Sport! This car… major HEART EYES! If you are looking for something sporty & adventurous, then this is the car for you. It falls under the SUV category & has plenty of room to haul around kiddos if needed! The interior on this specific vehicle was so cool. The seats were a dark tan color & the rest of the interior was black. The screen is clean & easy to navigate, plus there were a TON of safety features. As I am getting older, I really take the driving features & convince into consideration when car shopping. No one wants to be distracted by a confusing dashboard, & we all definitely need lane assist, blind spot monitoring, & close vehicle sensing if we start to day dream in rush hour traffic. Gas mileage is another big deciding factor… this vehicle averages around 25 mpg. The 4WD feature will be crucial during our Iowa winters. Not only is this car fully loaded with premium technology, it also has the most beautiful look to it. I mean… anyone else obsessed with the all glass moon roofs these days?! Alright I’ll stop talking now, so you can come give this beauty a test drive!