Willis Weekend – Lexus GX

September 20th, 2019 by


This weekend I took home the 2019 Lexus GX – another really big SUV… and I loved it!! Again, for being so short, this vehicle was a game changer. My biggest fear was the visibility, but I can honestly say I could see perfectly while driving the GX. You can’t go wrong with a Lexus… classy & traditional! Some key features I truly enjoyed were the interior details, the back door into the large trunk space, the advanced technology, and the great ride quality. This vehicle is perfect for a family, as it has a second-row of captain’s chairs and a roomy fold-flat third-row of seating. To top things off, the GX offers customizable climate control to the second-row of seats. The goal is to make every seat the best seat… and with this car, it is possible!! Enjoy these photos & stop by for a test drive this weekend!



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